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Posted by phduffy on 2003-12-18 21:33:55
20 forum posts
I've been thinking about the following subjects lately, and would like some input. I decided to save them for a time when no one is posting articles, and since that appears to be now, here they are:

This one I think I pretty much know which way everyone will go, and it's not that much of a dilemma for me, but I'm going to post it anyway.

Assume you're buying a car. How much effort do you put into buying a domestic car?
If you buy a GM, Ford, or Chrysler*, the money is kept in North America, and many of the cars are made in Canada. If you buy a Honda or Toyota, the car may have been built in Canada, but the money eventually makes its way back to Japan. If you buy a Volkswagen, it's neither built here, not does the money stay here.
Do you care?
I kind of lean towards leaning towards the Domestic cars. By that I mean, try them out first... don't convince yourself that you're going to buy one, but look into it strongly, If you're not impressed, move on. You don't owe them your business, but it would be nice if you'd give them a shot. The biggest problem is that when the Japanese cars came over they made lots of people realize that domestic cars suck, adn they've never really recovered. Interestingly enough, I was reading recently that in most segments, there's little to no quality difference between foreign and domestic. However, the perceived difference is still pretty good. So basically, the domestic car makers have to make cars that are way better than the foreign ones in order to compete. Another big problem is that while they're really good at Trucks, Vans, and SUVS, they're not as good at the entry level cars. So you can get hooked on something else early.
So, what do you think? Should it matter where the car is made?
*I'm not sure how much of Chrysler's money stays in NA, and how much goes to Germany.

Okay, the next dilemma involves buying books, and I do wonder what to do from time to time.
Okay, take as a given that the best thing to do is to buy book from a independant store. However, sometimes you might not have access to that store, or you want to order online. When you order online you basically have two choices. and (Yes, I know there's others, but those are the big ones). Now, Chapters isn't the greatest thing in the world, because their service sucks, and their owner (Reisman) refuses to stock any books that are anti-Israeli, and because every bookstore in Canada is owned by them, if you piss them off, you're screwed. Plus, they can squeeze more and more from the publishers.

However, Amazon is a big fuck off American corporation. At least with Chapters the jobs and profits are staying in Canada.

So, which should you buy from?
  20 forum posts