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Advice of the day for OCtober 5th, 2010!

Posted by phduffy on 2010-10-12 15:56:55
Start using the word 'pant' instead of 'pants. Like "I ripped my pant at work today", or "I bought this pant at the GAP", or "This pant really needs to be ironed"

CORRECTION TO THE LAST AOD: It's the Ducktales theme song, not Darkwing Duck, that gets stuck in your head.

Couple of photos from a cool website (although the second one might be BS):

Note, although the above links are safe for work, not everything on that site is. I was very surprised to look at the Brooke Shields phots. (Even if you're at home you probably don't want to do this, I suspect you'll end up on a list)

I think I've linked this blog before, but this is still funny and awesome:

Obeisity is linked to enjoying food less:

Rocco Rossi announced his financial platform, and unlike everyone else running for mayor... it might...actually.. make sense?

There were some protests yesterday across Canada regarding the use of horse meat for consumption. I'm all for eathing horse, but apparently the protestors do kind of have a point. To quote Tasteto "you can't tell if horsemeat slaughtered for human consumption used to be little Sally's pony or a race horse shot up with meth."