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anyone know anything about cell phones?

Posted by kris on 2003-12-21 00:00:00
6 forum posts
Okay, so i've had my cell phone for three years now. It's the Nokia 3360. As sad as it is to me, the phone has started acting up. Inevitable, but still disappointing. My question here is whether or not I should buy a new digital GSM or another analogue. From what i've heard, if youre with Rogers (which I am) you can get an upgrade to a new 2003 model GSM for $50. Not a bad price to pay this time of year. My problem (hence the post) is whether I should upgrade to a digital GSM or go to another analogue phone.

Supposedly, GSM has been around for the past 5 years but companies are having a hard time creating a good network through the satellites. Analogue on the other hand is still done through the phone lines allowing roaming and long distance calls to be done with greater ease. Example: My base is in Toronto, so if i go to Niagra Falls, ill still receive service and free roaming. Whereas on a digital GSM I won't get service because the satelite cannot link my location when im out of the area (no roaming, nothing). But whos to say that the GSM wont get kicking this year? Technology is always changing.

My problem now is whether to get a digital or analogue phone (keeping in mind that analoue has become more expensive due to the crapy GSM satelites). Also, this is according to some guy at future shop. Feel free to prove him (or me) wrong. I just need/want a new cell phone.
  6 forum posts