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Advice of the Day for December 20th, 2010!

Posted by phduffy on 2010-12-20 14:25:25

It's the holiday season, so it's time to step back and remind ourselves of some of the basics of life. Namely, if you have naked pictures of yourself or your significant other on your cell phone, those could show up online if your phone is stolen. So, please, keep your naked photos in non-portable medium.

Website of the Day:

Delicious vegetarian chili:

Jay Leno, the voice of young America:

Quote of the day:

So I show up wearing a suit to the bachelor party on Sat night. And we’re at a club, dancing. There are some girls talking to my friend (keep in mind that I’m drunk at this point, I’ve been at an Xmas party beforehand). I turn to the one girl he’s talking to and say “how old are you?”

her “Excuse me, that’s the first question you ask, not my name, but how old I am?”
me “Yeah, how old are you”
her “How old do you think I am? “
Me “23”
her “huh. I’m 27 and my name happens to be Erin”
me “Okay, Erin, well let me give you some advice”
her “Wait, how old are you?”
me “31”
her “we’re basically the same age, you can’t give me advice”
me “in my old age I’ve learned a few things”
her “old age? You’re young, i don’t want your advice”
me “okay, so my advice is this - just go get it. Find it, and go get it”