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Advice of the Day for March 11th, 2011!

Posted by phduffy on 2011-03-11 12:00:21
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Join a sport! You could end up in the toronto Star:

What the heck, here's the recap of our curling game (which the Star declined to mention):
So we went into last night’s game in last place. We played the best team in the league, who were undefeated….

They win the toss, score 2 in the first. We play the second end pretty well, and I end up with an open take out for 2. As I’m sitting in the hack, it looks to me like we’ve got too much ice. But I say #### it, and shoot. And we had too much ice, miss the open take out, 1 point to the bad guys. I am not feeling good about myself at this point. Next end they steal another point to go up 4-0.

We finally score a point with the hammer in the next end, down 4-1.

We put up a bunch of junk and manage to steal a point…. Down 4-2.

Next end, at one point they’re sitting one, and we have another rock in the house, well behind the T line (back 8). Instead of taking it out, they freeze to it. This was a major mistake on their part. It lets us get all kinds of rocks in play We have a whole bunch of stuff near the button and bunch of guards. My last shot, I throw the perfect back line weight - enough weight to stay straight enough through the hole, but not too much to screw up what we’ve got in play… bumps their shot stone back just enough for us to sit 2 points. And they have no chance of getting to it.

So now we’re tied.

Last end - we finally throw up some successful guards, which are needed if we’re to steal. They bury one behind our guards though. They’re sitting one, well guarded. We end up with some more guards…so, my first shot is an attempted double raise takeout. Somehow I forget to put a handle on the rock. Probably the first time in 20 years I’ve done something like this.

Second shot, only play is a corner raise takeout. Which I hit! Make the takeout and we’re completely buried. Opponent misses his final shot, win for us!

The Yankee Douche:

The city of New York throws its old subway cars into the Ocean. here are some cool photos:

A four year old answers random questions from the internet. And it's awesome. this is a must read. Includes a dark anwer to the question about what he would do if he were king for a day.

Interesting story about a guy on death row who wants to get the laws changed so that death row inmates can donate organs. NOTE: Includes a graphic description of his crime, which was killing his wife and kids. Don't read if that will bother you.

Book surgeon - makes cool art of out books

Here's a nice gif to send someone after they make a good point:

Another article on Grant Achatz of Alinea:,0,1811741,full.story

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