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Advice of the Day for March 21st, 2011!

Posted by phduffy on 2011-03-22 17:51:26
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Listen to your body. Particularly your back and core.

ALSO: Because it was so popular last time... here's another curling report!

Curling report:

First game of the playoffs, against the same team we played last week.

We started out somewhat poorly and were down 3-0. We slowly started to come back, but then, we down 2, I had a big miss and the other team went out 3 with one end left.

I figure we've lost the game, but we may as well try to win, right? So we're aggresively throwing up guards, ignoring their stones in the house, etc. And… they miss a takeout! We do a briliant job of covering our two stones in the house… so my last shot, we've got two in the house, and they've got one in the house, wide open. I look up and the other two teams from our league are all watching me shoot.

So I hit it and we score 3 to tie it!

At this point it's 11:15. What happens during a tie in the playoffs?

Draw to the Button.

Since I scored I go first. And I come up short of the house. All I can do is laugh. They elect to have their vice throw (instead of skip). He also comes up short of the house! But, he's closer than me, and instead of throwing again, which I believe is the rule, we're all tired so we just let them have the win.

Major, major, major choke job by me though. You have to get that in the house, you just have to.

Full spirit points were awarded.

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