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How long does the world have left?

Posted by mike on 2003-12-22 16:17:23
21 forum posts
How much longer can the Earth sustain humans if we keep on keepin on without SIGNIFICANT changes?

Well, log your vote.

I would say that we have approximately 20-25 years left if we keep our current pace. Carbon dioxide levels are rising at an exponential rate (I think that means a parabolic curve). If you picture a graph in your mind with Carbon Dioxide levels on the y-axis (I think that's the vertical one) There is a cut off point somewhere where we will suffocate. The x-axis is time (the horizontal component) as time goes on carbon dioxide levels rise exponentially with respect to time so that is my reasoning. In 20-25 years we won't be able to live here, well not the way we do now anyway.

The good thing about that (if there is a good thing) is that plants should be able to carry on and scrub the air. Chances are we will not all die and the survivors will be thrown back by likely about 75-200 years. So if we don't figure this shit out then it will be figured out for us.

What should we do? I'll tell you what I think we should do. And eventually will do no matter what anybody thinks. We should cooperate. "But Mike," you say," we do cooperate." Bullshit, no we don't. There are countless individuals out there who only care about money. Money = no cooperation.

Therefore once we realize (and I can't believe we haven't yet) that things have no actual value then we will have the tools to set things right.

Why is a diamond valuable? Because it's sparkly? That's bullshit, birds like shiny objects. Are we not smarter than birds? Perhaps not, but I would like to think that we are. The only reason that a diamond is good is because it happens to be one of the hardest substances we are aware of. It is good for cutting things and smashing things, that's about all. If there was no money there would be only practicality. Think about it, if you were somehow isolated from society on an island or something and you had no idea what a diamond was, what would you use it for? would you try to wear it? Doubtful. That is what society has told you to do with it. If you could find a bunch of diamond you would mount it on a tool and make them useful.

If there were no money there would be much less war. There would be much less crime. The only bad things that would stay prevelent would be those things done by unbalanced people who, for lack of a better explanation, just can't help it.

All of the brilliant people who, in my opinion, waste their talents thinking up ways to make themselves or their company another buck could put their talents towards truly productive things. I am not badmouthing anyone in business, with the current system they are as productive as anyone else. I am just saying that when you realize money isn't worth any more than the paper you wipe you ass with, then it is laughable to see how much energy people waste in attaining it. I can't say I'm much better, if I want to survive, I have to follow the rules as they are currently set out.

No money = no pollution. These big polluting companies wouldn't have any clout whatsoever to have the rules (or what should be rules) bent and broken to allow them to continue raking in cash. Even if we still did need (and need is a relative term) some of these smoke belching stacks, we could install a "perfect" scrubbing system because it would be in our best interest and ther would be nothing to stop. All that stops us now is that it would "just cost too much to implement" companies would be bankrupted (in actuality they would just probably lose some of the padding on their bottom line).

If we wanted to go to space, then we would just put our best and brightest on the case and off we'd go. There would be no budget to worry about. We could sonceive and build anything we could imagine. NO BUDGET. No countries squabling about who's gonna pay for what.

I have made my point (I hope). The part about money is completely irrefutable. It cannot be proven wrong. If you say otherwise you have alterior motives or are fooling yourself. I will concede however that during a changeover of systems there would be considerable turmoil. Also working for no specific reward seems to bother some people. I say bullshit to that. That is the most selfish thing I have ever heard. You shouldn't need a reward other than your own personal sense of satisfaction at a job well done and the realization that you are working for the greater good. Noone is useless either. you just need to find their special talent. If they are super good at picking up dog poo and nothing else then that is just how it is. Everyone would be basically equal.

I would love to see this in my lifetime. Sadly without a major catastrophy , or change of general mindset, then I doubt that it will realize itself.

This is just my opinion. If you don't agree then good. I don't think you understand what I am saying if you don't agree. By this being irrefutable I mean that it would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to convince me that this would not be better way of life than the current crap then call a society. If you don't agree then that is fine, I think you are kidding youself, but that is my OPINION, and you are entitled to yours.

Then again (and I think this is a very interesting thought) the VAST majority of people must be in favour of destroying the planet entirely, otherwise why are we doing just that? Our current situation indicates that at least 51% of the population is allright with the Earth being destroyed and humanity dying. That would indicate that at least some people who view this board want the Earth to die or we wouldn't be in this predicament. I want to hear those people's points of view. Please enlighten me on the benifits of mass suicide. PLEASE, you must exist, voice your opinion, I need to hear where you are coming from.

Perhaps there are thos who believe that God won't allow that to happen. That's interesting. Please tell me more. I really do want to hear about it. Not joking in any way. What is God going to do to save us? If there is a master plan please tell me what it is or at least speculate.

SOME HUMONGOUS GROUP OF PEOPLE ARE COMPLETELY COMPLACENT ON THIS ISSUE. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? WHERE IS THIS SAFETY NET THAT MAKES YOU SO UNCONCERNED? PLEASE, PUT MY MIND AT EASE! This seriously does bother me. If you have something to say that justifies keeping up what were doing (which seems to be what we will do) then I need to know.
  21 forum posts