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Advice of the Day for July 27th, 2011!

Posted by phduffy on 2011-07-28 11:31:11

Remember to always represent.

ALSO: Don't be an internet tough guy. This goes for work and social life.

So, uh, yeah.... turns out that some vacinations actually ARE a CIA plot.

How to quit a job?

This is a famous Canadian divorce case. Why is it famous and why should you care? Because it's hilarious, particularly the footnotes.

So they found a one-eyed albino shark fetus:

So I was bored one day and looked up all the premiers of Ontario. Couple of interesting ones in there:

Ernest Charles Drury was the 8th Premier, and his party was the United Farmers of Ontario, the UFO. One of the reasons he was defeated in the next election was because his party supported proportional representation and preferrential balloting!

There are some other interesting one. The only Federal Liberal leader before Dion who wasn't Prime Minister was Ontario Premier, and he then went back to Ireland (after being Premier and running for Prime Minister) and served in the British House of Parliament.

Oh, and the first Premier of Ontario? John MacDonad.