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Advice of the Day for November 8th, 2011

Posted by phduffy on 2011-11-08 16:25:10

Every once in a while you need to embrace the ridiculous.

Websites of the Day:
Man asks for a divorce. Wife says no:

Is the McRib an arbitrage conspiracy? This article is great:

More on McDonalds and its head chef. Also some interesting info about what it means if McDonalds adds a new product:,9171,1963755-1,00.html

Review of the Steve Jobs biography by Malcolm Gladwell (he writes the review, not the book):

Fairly critical article of Pakistan presented without comment:

Meat breakfast menu:

Let's take Halloween seriously. Photos

The case against Android phones

Soup recipe. Sounds delicious!,1948,150169-247204,00.html

Quote of the Day (warning - gruesome):
In her book A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous Fourteenth Century, Barbara Tuchman writes about a peasant revolt in 1358 that began in the village of St. Leu and spread throughout the Oise Valley. At one estate, the serfs sacked the manor house, killed the knight, and roasted him on a spit in front of his wife and kids. Then, after ten or twelve peasants violated the lady, with the children still watching, they forced her to eat the roasted flesh of her husband and then killed her.

That is class warfare.

Arguing over the optimum marginal tax rate for the top one percent is not