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Advice of the day for April 22nd, 2013!

Posted by phduffy on 2013-04-21 22:31:08
Michelangelo is the least reliable ninja turtle. Do not trust him on most things, particularly when he starts talking to you about controlled substances.

A bunch of websites of the day:
This is crazy. Here's the synopsis:

Young woman joins the FBI. Works her way up quickly and after ten years she is teaching interrogation techniques at Quantico, where she is nicknamed the “Blonde #####”.

Then some personal stuff happens, she joins a local police dept. moves up quickly, then takes a high ranking job for a larger west coast police department. After ten years or so she is named Police Chief.

Oh, about that personal stuff. Well when she first joined the FBI she got married to a fellow agent, who got into some trouble about the time she was teaching at Quantico. He was indicted and she was going to testify against him. Then he kidnapped her and their two children and she recanted. but later the kidnapping came to light and he was sent to prison.

But only for a year, because of his FBI background. And while this was going on she had an affair with a writer who came to Quantico to do research for a mystery novel. A women writer. A world famous women writer. And everybody knew about it, including her husband, who was pissed. And then he got out of jail. he plotted carefully and set a trap for her, by kidnapping the minister at her church. And setting some bombs and planting false evidence about her. Of course like nefarious villains he paused to gloat, at which point he got a face full pepper spray and just missed getting shot. This time he went to prison. There is a of course a book written about all this.

Meet Margo Bennet, new Chief of Police for Berkeley.

That all happened! In the real world!

Other things that happened:
This family in Siberia lived cut off from all human contact for 40 years