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Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell!

Posted by weberm1 on 2004-01-02 09:00:23
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Ok, I had to write some sort of review for this horrible/great movie.
I just couldn't resist this movie while in Jumbo video earlier this week. I mean, with a title like that, it has to be great, right? You know when the title can crack you up, it's going to be some kind of stupid. The back of the video even sounded craptastically good. It had to be done.

First of all, there were way too many bad previews before this movie, and they were all soft core porn at the very least. (Maniac Nurses Find Pleasure and one other one i can't remember). So, i'm expecting some sort of porn, though that's not why i rented it. And with 'Nymphoid" in the title, i think there should be at least three sex scenes in this thing, to fairly make that statement.

Basically, i was wrong about this movie. Not only was the main girl on the front not in the movie, there wasn't even one sex scene! i was horribly confused! The intro even builds up for it, with the girl saying sometimes her juices start flowing and so on. I ask this, can a girl getting one hug in 90 minutes truly be called a nymphoid? i think not!

alright, enough about the sex and on with it's finer points. Basically, this movie is about a world war that lasts one day and the majority of the human race being killed by nuclear attacks and the ones that remain are mostly mutants, aside from the 'hot' (gross) girl and some other dude. and the mutants all looked pretty bad, and made alot of noises that dolphins would make. good times!
oh, and the dinosaurs in this movie were the old school claymation types, very poorly done. it should be mentioned that this movie was only made in 1997. but, needless to say, very entertaining.
so, the general opinion about this movie from myself and my friends, bad movie. it looks like a bunch of college students were bored one weekend and had a couple hundred bucks to make a movie. shit, maybe i could make some sort of movie. but, if you're up for a laugh, go rent it, the person working there will just laugh at you. and rayna, christine and myself have decided to rent a bad movie every week, so if you're up for it, let me know.
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