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Making rhymes to pass the time January 2, 2004 (almost typed 2003, but didn't).

Posted by mike on 2004-01-02 11:28:36
9 forum posts
I’m at work now, and I am bored,
Time to open the mind, where thoughts are stored.
I’ll talk of things not cared to hear,
I might make reference to driniking beer.

Three ships they sail across the sea,
They are not coming for you or me,
They come for fish, they come for wine,
I’m writing rhymes to pass the time.

Funny, funny, little man,
What are you holding in your hand?
A flask of what? You got from who?
Best be careful with tasty brew.

If up were down, and left were right,
Would birds slither or would they flight?
They could burrow in the ground,
It’s hard to think of things profound.

Jimmy Jobber does odd things,
Gets stuck on islands and talks with kings.
There’s one key thing that Jimmy don’t do,
Exist in reality with me and you.

All these rhymes they are the same,
Some amusing, others lame.
They have four lines and then they stop,
From place to place, that’s how thoughts hop.

That’s it, that’s all, there is no more,
I want to be finished before it’s four.
After all this typing I’m more amused,
I’ve had some fun with how words are used.
  9 forum posts