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Apathy or What?

Posted by nerhael on 2004-01-07 11:39:42
10 forum posts
Okay, so I'm at the movies last night. Miguel, Katie and I, and the movie ends, and we're trying to get out of the building. This is the Famous Players at Yonge and Eglinton, and the theatre's kinda deep inside the concrete fortress.

So we try to leave down the hall we came in from, and there's a lot of bidirectional traffic, us leaving, others coming in from outside presumably. We continue along our path.

Eventually, we get to some double doors that go lead to the escalator downstairs. They are locked. This is a dead end.

My question/confusion arises as to what the fuck is with all the people who walked by us knowing that we're walking towards a dead end. Did they think we had some magic key? We had to have walked by 15-20 people. Not one of them said a god damned thing to the effect of "Dead end that way", "Doors are locked" etc.

Anyhow, shit like that pisses me right off. This wasn't a big deal in the scheme of things, but it bothers me that people are so afraid of talking to a stranger that they can't say that little thing.
  10 forum posts