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News & Other January 8, 2004

Posted by mike on 2004-01-08 16:34:20
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Apparently after the renovations here at work I will have my own office. That is the most recent information that I have received anyway. From what I can tell it is going to be a pretty good size in comparison to the other offices. This leads me to suspect that there will be a lot of filing cabinets and stuff jammed into it. However they are turning my old filing area into a storage/printer room, so I will have to move many, many, many files and other things into my supposed new office.

Never having had an office to myself before I am curious about what I will do with it. I think I will hang things on the walls and play music and so forth. Any ideas?

No point getting ahead of myself though, I will only truly believe it once it has happened. Although apparently contracts have been signed and the floor plan is approved.


Also, I am curious, does anyone put a lot of stock in astrology? I think that there must be at least some truth to it. They have me pegged pretty good as far as I can tell. For a while I thought it was just a bunch of gross generalizations, but certain things are totally opposite from one sign to another, so I don’t quite believe that anymore. I am not saying that it is all true in any way, what I am saying is that they might be on to something, I just don’t know how they are doing it.

Not sure why this is relevant:

I used to have a roommate who really and truly believed in the validity of that Crossing Over Show with John What’s-his-name. I have to admit it was pretty convincing and I can see how people believe it, but I didn’t believe at all in his talking to dead people. I didn’t have a specific explanation for it other that gross generalizations, but I later found out that there is actually an explanation to what he is doing. It’s not mystical, it’s bullshit, unless you are a true believer. I have no specific need to argue about this, so if you believe in it then that is OK; he’s talking to dead people. I just choose to not believe and now have an explanation, I’ve had more than enough arguments about this to not really care anymore.

Can’t be true:

I can’t remember the exact facts that the TV broadcasted, but Monster Garage had something illogical to say the other night. Remember, these number are just so you can get the jist of what was said, there are not necessarily the correct numbers.

A few years ago in the US 4 million people died (over the span of a year). In the same year 14 million cars were wrecked (crushed, etc. for scrap). That just doesn’t work for me. I really hope that I am confused about the facts, or they are confused about the facts. If 3 times more cars were wrecked than people died then something is really wrong.
  3 forum posts