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How to rule the world!11

Posted by phduffy on 2004-01-11 22:08:53
4 forum posts
Okay, so right now there's all kinds of war trials and stuff going on in the world. The problem is, where do you put the criminals?

Solution: Build a super prison in the Artic!

But wait! The super criminals are SUPER CRIMINALS!!! They'll have possies trying to get them out. So, you build the prison... ON A FAKE ICEBERG!

And you float it around the artic sea, so no one ever knows where it is.
Now, you might think that this would make it hard to find people that want to work at the super prison. You're probably right.... so you hire polar bears to do it! Think about it, they're cunning, strong, and they like living up there! It couldn't be anymore genius!

Then, you go to antartica and round up a gang of penguis... take them to the super jail.... because penguis are cool!
So, you've got this prison being pulled around by Walrusses and seals, with polar bears and penguins as guards. So what's next?

Simple: You become an international pirate! You pillage, but don't rape, cause that ain't right! If you ever get caught pillaging, where do they send you???

And you have a suite there, and you and the polar bears and the penguins are buddies... so then you escape to plunder anew! If you get caught, simply repeat!

I think there may be a few ideas left to work out, but I think we can all agree that this plan is genius. Just be glad I didn't get started on the squirrels with the trebuchets.

Thanks to alltogethernow, Numinous and fanoom for all contributing ideas.
  4 forum posts