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10 most wanted of 2004

Posted by miguel on 2004-01-13 20:35:47
12 forum posts
I'll make this short and sweet, here are ten movies that I am feverishly awaiting for 2004.


This is only coming late in the year, but the movie geek in me is all a titter! Bill Murray is so coming back in style! In this movie, by Rushmore's Wes Anderson, Murray plays a Jacques Cousteau like explorer who is searching for a big fucking shark that killed his mentor. Hopefully Bill Murray will be French or will interact with French people. Also starring Cate Blanchett, Willem Dafoe, Anjelica Huston and Owen Wilson. Oh and there is a character in it called Alistair Henessy, which is what my son (or daughter) will be called.


Lars Von Trier is a mysoginistic, narrow minded idiot. And he makes amazing movies. From Breaking The Waves, to Dancer in the Dark to the Idiots (well..maybe not the idiots) his movies are always challenging, complex and downright brilliant. This festival favorite, which features chalk outlines of houses and dogs instead of sets and Nicole Kidman (not as a chalk outline) is one that I am eagerly anticipating.

8. 2046

Hmmm, I dont know who has seen In the Mood for Love, a Chinese movie that is one of the most interesting love stories I have ever seen. 2046 is a semi-sequel to that movie, incorporating a science-fiction story written by one of the characters of In The Mood for Love. If you really do like movies, look up In the Mood for Love, marvel at it, and then drool at the prospect of this movie coming out soon. Starring Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's Zhang Ziyi (the girl who steals the sword).


Everyone has seen the trailers for this, but here is what you need to know: this is written by Charlie Kaufman, and is directed by Michael Gondry who has done several videos for the Chemical Brothers, Bjork and Massive Attack. Nuff said


Any geek worth his Alpha Edition Black Lotus is already gooing all over this movie. The fact that uber-sweet director Guillermo del Toro (Blade 2, Cronos, The Devil's Backbone) is directing will ensure extreme awesomeness. And apparently the main bad guy is a NAZY WIZARD!!! Totally burly to the max! It's based on a comic book for non geeks who actually care.


I'm too lazy to check, but this might be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, whom I once regarded as a cinematic Anti-Christ. But Pirates of the Caribbean opened my eyes to the fact that it is Michael Bay (Armaggedon, Pearl Harbour) who is the true embodiment of pure evil. This movie stars Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxxxxxxxxxxxx, who is a driver to Cruise's hitman character. Reason for awesomeness you ask? Michael Mann, who directed a little known movie called HEAT!


Pedro Almodóvar is without any argument one of the top 5 directors in the whole fucking world. This is his next movie. End of Story.


Well....Alien 1, 2 and (for me anyway) 3 rocked. Predator 1&2 both kicked ass.....this has been in the burner for longer than I've been alive I think. It's high time to let them get at each other...It might be one of the sweetest summer blockbusters ever, or it might be shittier than Freddy vs Jason. Time will tell.


I dont know why, but I find myself freaking out over these sweet sounding summer blockbusters that usually suck. But this movie stars Hugh Jackman (wolverine in the X-Men, bunch of crappy romantic comedies) as a vampire hunter sent by the Vatican to Transylvania. Once he gets there, he finds his Vampires.....but also a Werewolf and Frankenstein!!!! Could terrible....or could be terribly awesome!

1. Kill Bill 2

No Shit.
  12 forum posts