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Review of My Baby's Daddy

Posted by kris on 2004-01-16 02:05:50
6 forum posts
I think it's safe for me to say that I took one for the team. Hopefully this post will save you from the pain that I am feeling now for wasting my time and my money. I have taken some time to think about this movie and I cannot with a clear conscience tell you anything but this: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! If you really feel the need to see it, wait until it comes out on cable. Anything else would be down right silly.

There was no real story line to this movie besides the fact that there are three friends who get their girls pregnant and have to learn how to be good fathers. There is not much else to say without giving the whole movie away because the whole thing revolves around the classic mishaps of fatherhood. The storyline was WEAK! You know what happens in the end before you get half an hour into the movie.

The jokes were WEAK (to be fair, I did laugh at a couple, but I still wonder if it was more of an apathetic laughter than anyhting else). They played on really old jokes that have been done time and time again. Losing the babies, having the babies pee in their faces, picking up a girl with the baby, etc. Any other joke dealt with racial/family/stereotypical ideals.

The acting was ATROCIOUS; anyone could have pulled off those characters. The main characters were played by Anthony Anderson and Andy Griffin (I cannot tell you who plaeyd the other guy because I left before the credits started, yes it was so bad that I left early).

ONE HUGE FLAW - Whoever got paid for continuity should be FIRED! So there are supposed to be six babies. Three for when they are newborns, and three for when they're six months old. Why did I see eight different babies? They switched them around throughout the movie only adding fuel the the fire. Why did Anthony Anderson have an asian baby at one point and then a mixed black baby in the next scene? A simple thing like that should not have happened. How much do people in Hollywood get paid again?

In closing, please understand that this review is quite biased. I do not enjoy movies that play on common stereotypes and whose jokes are unoriginal to say the least. If you like to see movies about the trials of fatherhood go to the classics. Three Men and a Baby, Look Who's Talking, etc.
  6 forum posts