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Billy Talent

Posted by kris on 2004-01-16 03:27:27
3 forum posts
I will admit right now that I am no connoisseur to this kind of music. You can take my review for whatever you feel it is worth.

I was privileged enough to see Billy Talent live last week, and even better, the tickets only cost $8.00 (good ol' York, at least my tuition is going somewhere).

Anyhow, the band is awesome. They have this wicked ability to get their audience on the same energetic level and they are. This was especailly amazing to me considering I only knew one of their songs walking into the show. If you've ever seen their Try Honestly video you know what the're like on stage. Same energy, same crazy facial expressions. At times its kinda freaky, but I guess that all goes along with their stage presence.

The band has a website that plays their whole self-titled CD. Check it out. It's pretty good.

Lead Vocals: Benjamin Kowalewicz
Guitar: Ian D'sa
Bass: Jon Gallant
Drums: Aaron Solowoniuk
  3 forum posts