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Your best Mind Fuck

Posted by phduffy on 2004-01-20 23:01:40
26 forum posts
Okay, I just finished Use of Weapons by Iain M Banks, and got a nice good mindfuck.
That got me to thinking... what are some of the best mind fucks of all time?

Before we go, I think we need to consider what constitutes a mind fuck. In my mind, they fall into two categories:

1: The crazy "What is reality" type of mind fuck. See Phillip K Dick. Here's another example. Assume that instead of the crappy crappy crappy 3rd Matrix movie, somehow Neo breaks through to our world, and the last scene in the movie is him turning to the camera, opening his hand and saying
"So choose... do you want the red pill, or the blue pill"

You may think that's idiotic, but that's a great example of a mind fuck.

2. Where the ending of a movie swerves you and it's awesome.

Okay, digression. I am going to mention some mindfucks. Now, I won't spoil the endings, but sometimes just knowing about a mindfuck fucks with you. That's what happened to me with the 6th sense.

The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks - no one has read this. So I won't say much.

You know what?
The whole point of this article was to get people to respond with their favourite mind fucks. So I'm not going to list them all.

The Usual Suspects - this is the best mind fuck I know of. In fact, it's so good that I refuse to believe when people say that they saw it coming (like the girlfriend of a guy we lived with in first year and cosmicfish's brother). Do I think they're lying? I'm not really sure what I think. My mind just can't believe them. I wish I could have my memory erased, so I could go back and watch this movie. At the end of this movie I made a mess of myself the likes of which hadn't been seen since as a 12 year old I first thought of my french teacher and my babysitter getting it on.

So, what else is sweet?
  26 forum posts