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Posted by nszyngie on 2004-02-12 08:12:05
8 forum posts
So, I bought XIII (yes, Thirteen) before Christmas sometime, and finished it within 3 or 4 weeks . . . first off, it was not a very long game - I was expecting a bit more . . . i wanted ot start with that point. Too short.

Okay, so the graphic appeal of cell shading is well-wicked. The whole look of the game is worth the price of admission - sound effects are pretty bad-ass too. I think it is based off some comic-book series, but I don't really know. This article is going to be all over the place, I can tell already. Please bear with me. I will try to break it down logically.

Graphics: I would give it an 8. Maybe an 8.5. It has been a while since I have seen it. Put the neato cell-shading never quite lost its appeal, especially because new baddies and characters always add a 'fresh' feel to the level . . . keep in mind it must look even better on XBox. But the PS2 held its own. I think a major difference in the platforms is the cut sequences that appear in the top of the screen when you 'execute' someone with a baddass weapon: rifle or crossbow or throwing knives. PS2 gives a 3 frame shot of the dude getting blopsed. Pretty neato. I think the XBox frame sequence is animated. No, make it an 8

Sound: Nice job here too. Weapons are great, environmental sound effects, footsteps, etc. A nice touch is that they 'visualize' footsteps (Tap, Tap, Tap) for the guards patrolling hallways. Helps you see where they are, and time your attacks. 9 for sound.

Gameplay: This is an FPS (first person shooter). I don't have a computer capable of playing any cool games, so I rely on my PS2, and I really enjoy FPS's. XIII had some 'okay' feel and overall gameplay, so I am going to give it a 7. And that's a low seven. The target doesn't feel right - the bullets hit the baddie even if you aren't 90% accurate in your aim, and that's just not right. I can't describe it, but Red Faction 2 has a much better 'feel' to it . . . although none are PC games (see: Call of Duty). Red faction 2 is the benchmark for multiplayer also. In short, multiplayer for XIII pretty muchs sucks donkey balls.

Story: Great story, not riveting, but certainly made me think about it after turning the game off. Some nice twists in it, and flashback sequences. Story can be reviewed as it is unfolded, in a comic book type interface elsewhere in the menu, just in case you need to refresh yourself.

Is it worth it?: I think 2 or 3 rentals (12-18 bucks) would be better choice here. I paid about 60 for the game, and quite frankly, didn't get the longevity I was hoping for. The multiplayer was a huge letdown. Still, some slims pickings out there now, so I am still glad I have it.

NOTE: Special credit goes to David Duchovny, as the voice of the central character . . . but more importantly, Adam West plays the General! Yes, the original Batman! I would always smirk when I heard his voice over my television . . . That's gotta be worth something. He does a good job too
  8 forum posts