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A word to the wise

Posted by numinous on 2004-02-13 18:30:35
5 forum posts
After giving it some thought, I got to thinking. The other day at work I almost got in a fist fight with a woman that was very upset that I did not stock square doweling. Things were only taken to a new level of rage, after I told her that in my nine years I have never heard of anyone stocking square doweling, for the single reason that it did not exist on this plane of reality. After coming to the scary realiziation, that people as stupid scary as good old George from down south, were creeping their way into the public mass. The threat was very real. Idea's that space probes coming back from venus with radiation, or someone finding a book of the dead, no longer seemed so fair fetched. Zombies could be coming at anytime!. Well this is let you all know, I am going to be ready. I am going to start a new physical program tomorrow to prepare myself. I will need to not only match but overwhelm even undead strength. Not only my body, but my mind will need conditioning as well. Lets face it, most of you I like, but if the time comes I have to be ready to finish you off if something were to happen. Even friends, people's names that I say everyday if any of you turn against us. I will be forced to take action to end your undead lives. I am sorry but I am out for the whole world here. I may do nothing with my life, I may be a dead beat for the rest of my years, but know this, I will only be in waiting for the day to come when I must step up. I fear that it will come sooner then later, and I have much work to do. I have already changed the locks to heavy commercial models. I live on the third floor well off ground level, with many doors and winding stairways, this building will be easially defended. My room already holds a vast library of zombie movies, that can be used for both insight and training. I will beef up food stocks, as well as run power cords from other buildings in the area, incase of power failure. Water, pipes we will need lots of pipes. That shouldnt be a problem I'm in charge of plumbing. I live above a hardware store, if the need arises. We dont have guns, but we do have axes and many ways to start fires, and this is bloor street, guns cant be that far. location! Location LOCATION!!!. I hope you will band with me in this. Whether you take the role of the ant or of the grasshopper. It matters nothing to me, as long as your on your feet and your flesh isnt cold, you are welcome here.
Remember dont panic... but the fear is very real.
  5 forum posts