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Review - American Splendor

Posted by nszyngie on 2004-02-16 08:52:36
8 forum posts
After a promising trailer from other festival flicks, American Splendor sparked my interest, and its release on DVD/VHS was anticipated. My excitement for the film was not long-lived.

First off, it becomes apparent that this is a biography of Harvey Pekar fairly early in the film - I thought it was a pure fiction. This, coupled with the fact that Mr. Pekar leads a rather depressing life, with no real developments made this a pretty boring flick. I thought he would offer alot of cynical commentary on life and the life of those around him, but infact, the movie focuses on his own dull life, and how his comic series came to be.

The highlight of the film was Pekar sparring with Letterman (alledgedly, Pekar was a common guest back in the 80's on Letterman, until he realized he was being used for pure jokes . . .).

No real sympathy for a character who doesn't really seem to try to improve his own life. It wasn't even really that depressing, just dull.

So, save your 6 bucks. Rent Lost in Translation instead. Bill and Scarlett do an amazing job, and the cinematography / photography is inspiring.
  8 forum posts