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G.M. Foods

Posted by larissa on 2004-02-16 17:58:06
57 forum posts
G.M. foods..... where to begin. I I've decided they are not healthy, good for economy, or morally right. Health issues first...
The effects of g.m foods on the general public... one issue is that an additive that is potentially alergenic to consumers can be added to food. One could avoid this very easily by not eating the food that this additive originally comes from, except they do not know that it has been added to the other food products they are buying. Example... a gene from fish has been added to tomatoes so that they can withstand cold weather while growing. Fish is one of the top allergenic foods, and since g.m. foods aren't labelled, one with a fish allergy does not know what they are getting into.... which leads to another problem. Food labelling. G.M. foods aren't required to be labelled, so we as consumers do not always know what we are buying. Different cultures who don't eat specific foods for moral or religious reasons are then forced to eat products such as a carrot with a gene from meat. Vegetarians face this dilemna too. Vegetarians would definatly like less instead of more scientific influence in the food industry.
Another cause for disgruntle due to g.m. foods and plants is "super bugs" and "super crops". Things are added to plants to make them stronger against any damage, which makes them more dominant. These plants need more nutrients than average ones, causing a strain on the soil which is bad for the enviroment....I'm not very educated in this argument though, so if you have evidence proving me wrong, I won't argue against it.... too much haha
  57 forum posts