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Posted by cosmicfish on 2004-02-17 18:21:53
21 forum posts
As someone who changes their eating habits almost as much as I change which country I want to move to, I can see most people's points of view about what they choose to and not to eat. I have slid up and down the vegitarian scale to everwhere except veganism, I could never give up cheese. Mmmm, delicious cheese.

Currently I eat the common meats of North America, hamburgers and chicken and all that. But there are still a lot of things about eating meat that bother me, it's only by not thinking about them that I can enjoy a tasty bacon and grilled cheese sandwich.

These are the questions/issues that plague me:
~How true are the rumors about the conditions that poultry chickens and pigs live under?
~The methane that cows put into the atmosphere is a major contribution to global warming.
~You could feed many more people growing vegetables and grain in the space occupied by growing feed for livestock.
~It *is* killing creatures. Cute little creatures with big innocent eyes...
~All meat is accompanied by health issues of one kind or another.
~Would stuffing taste as good if it wasn't cooked inside a turkey?
~It is natural for stronger animals to eat weaker animals, but we are evolving/ed...aren't we?
  21 forum posts