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Review: The Triplets of Belleville

Posted by nerhael on 2004-02-18 12:31:38
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I first saw an ad for The Triplets of Belleville when I went to see Big Fish and I thought, damn, I should go see that. The animation looked great, and the music was what really got me. I wanted to see this movie based mainly on the music of the preview. This proved to be my problem.

The film begins with a nice song and dance that I thought was awesome. Very much what I was expecting from the preview, then shifts to the guts.

The plot is about a boy and his grandmother, who live together. The boy's parents you guess have recently passed on, and the grandmother is trying to draw the boy out of his shell.

The grandmother eventually learns that the boy has an interest in bikes, and so gets him a trike.

This interest in bikes leads the two to the tour de france, a kidnapping, and ocean travel to a strange new city which I think is supposed to be a representation of the US. At first that seemed blatantly obivious, but started to doubt it later. It seems to paint a pretty bad picture of Americans anyhow.

In this new city, we're introduced again to the Triplets, (they were in the opening act), but they're older now. They help with the rescueing of the kidnapped victim, (sorry about vagueness, trying not to tell too much), along with some singing/dancing.

I thought they animation of this movie was great. It wasn't the happy fun stuff of most of what you see today, and had a lot of detail to it, and mannerisms were animated well, as that's mostly what you had, from the grandmother's lazy eye, to a mouse man's nose twitches. There is virutally no dialogue in this film. Which left other sounds to fill the gap. And this is what I didn't enjoy about the movie.

I went in expecting more in terms of music and it being there most of the time. And I was dissapointed at how little there was compared to my expectations. There were a few good pieces that were just fantastic, but there's also long dry spells. I'm mostly sure that my sense of this is being affected by my first expectations, and that were I to watch this again at a later date, would enjoy it more, savouring more the sparse use of sound to create the theme and tone of a scene.

All said and done, I think it was a great movie, but will definitely want to rewatch it when it get's release to video.
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