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Cry Baby!

Posted by kris on 2004-02-19 03:12:01
5 forum posts
Before I begin, I'd just like to state that I have no problem with men that like to show their emotional side, but I strongly beleive that there is a time and place....and most importantly, and GOOD ENOUGH REASON!

I am a sports instructor. More specifically, I'm a volleyball instructor. I teach little kids from 6 to 14 years old. Just this past fall, I started doing an adult recreation class. The ages range from 24-55. I HATE IT! These people are the biggest babies I have ever met! Most specifically, this 28 year old man named Adam......

#1: Everyone has gotten to know each other fairly well. We know who's good and who's not, and as part of my job, I have to organize games and fair teams. Adam does not understand this concept. I put him on a team that did not include some guy with a really great serve...what does he do? HE CRIED!! "I signed up for this so that I could have fun, I'm not gonna have fun if I don't play with him...." BIG BABY! So I let him play on the same team as the guy...

#2: People showed up late to class, so the teams were all screwed up. What does he do? He comes up to my face (keeping in mind that he is at least 6'3, while I stand at a mere 5'5) and starts telling me that I shouldn't be playing against his team because i'm an instructor and it's not fair that i'm better than him. So..... red faced, and spitting on the top of my head while yelling at me, he CRIED AGAIN! Some other guy came to my rescue and started yelling at Adam telling him to grow up and play the game.... still crying, Adam quits for the night....

#3 : Today, Adam was in a better mood. I allowed him to be team captain and pick his own players. His team is down 8 points, he's in the front line, I go up for a hit, he goes up to block, he misses.....and starts swearing..... As the roation moves on, he's all pissed at me and decides to try and nail me with his serve...he misses....Now i'm pissed.... Its my serve....I throw it up, make clean contact with the ball and drill it right into his face....ha ha ha....he started to cry....

I don't want to come accross as a hard ass...but there are some things about sports that I just cannot tolerate. People like Adam are one of them. You know the guys that think they're hot shit on the court, yell at everyone elses mistakes, and never admits to their own. Yeah....him. I can't stand it..... Is it just me? Am I just mean and impatient? Or was he asking for it?
  5 forum posts