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Review of My Boss' Daughter

Posted by kris on 2004-02-19 11:14:43
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Starring Ashton Kutcher, Tara Reid, Terence Stamp, Jeffrey Tambor, Molly Shannon, Carmen Electra, Andy Richter....etc,(there is a very large cast with very small parts). Directed by David Zucker (Naked Gun, NG 1 1/2, NG 33 1/3, Phone Booth, Scary Movie 3 & 4).

Ashton plays a young researcher (Tom Stansfield) at an publishing company owned by Stamp (Jack Taylor). Stamp is a hard ass boss who's daughter is played by Tara Reid (Lisa Taylor). The whole premise to the movie is that Ashton has to house sit for Stamp; if he does a good job he might get a promotion that he's wanted for some time, and get in the good graces of Reid.

As you all probably know, there are many mishaps that occur for Ahston making his house sitting ecperience somewhat of an adventure. People (Molly Shannon, Carmen Electra, Andy Richter) make his job all the more difficult.

I found that the actors nailed their parts as best could be expected. I mean, there really isn't any depth to the characters (excpet maybe one seen for Ashton, but I won't give it away). There were way too many characters and way too much going on in the movie to ever feel any connection to the characters. You kinda feel like you're just on a rollercoaster (ups and downs, not knowing whats really going on)

One thing that really pissed me off was the relationship between Ashton and Reid (when I write more, you'll notice that the biggest thing to make me suspend my disbelief is my ability to sympathize with characters and their relationships). I cannot really put my finger on what bothered me so much, all I know is that it did. Not a great argument, I know....

Keeping in mind that this is a Zucker film, I should have known that it would be slapstick comedy, which I am not a fan of at all. But for those of you that are, and have enjoyed his other movies, you will enjoy this.

If I could sum this movie up in one word it would be RANDOM!

For the kids: Carmen Electra emerges from a pools in a white t-shirt - woah nipples! Ashton feels the differences between Molly Shannon and Carmen Elektras breasts in the great search for breast cancer.

  5 forum posts