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the forgotten band

Posted by katie on 2004-02-21 15:00:59
9 forum posts
I just want to mention a fantastic, and often overlooked, band called the Violent Femmes.

Now, I'm sure that just about everyone is familiar with them and their one crash hit, in 1998, of Blister in the Sun. But that was years after they released all of their albums, and thanks only to the invention of the "Frosh" cd. Their music is much farther reaching than one hit, and I just want to make sure that they don't become the forgotten band.

This is music that, when you turn it on, makes you not mind cleaning your room. Or, the inspiration behind this post, the kind of music that makes painting exciting. It pumps you up, you can sing along, the lyrics are funny, the music diverse and catchy.

Just one of those gems that never really went mainstream, didn't exactly make it to the real big time, but are worthy of a post like this none the less.

Another forgotten band.....David Wilcox. I mean, with hits like the Bearcat or Bad Apple, who can't love him? I thank my parents for introducing me to him and his greatness.
  9 forum posts