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Review of School of Rock!

Posted by phduffy on 2004-02-22 21:16:33
A couple of years ago Dana Carvey made a movie called "Master of Disguise".
I haven't seen this movie, and it looked terrible. But his sentiments were well placed. Apparently he wanted to make a kid's movie that didn't revolve around bodily functions and people hurting themselves and that adults could enjoy.

Why is this relevant? Because School of Rock is that movie!

Jack Black is a member of a power rock band and doesn't work. His roommate’s bitch gf gets on his case to pay his rent.
So, when a call comes for his roommate with a substitute teacher job, Black takes it.
Now, Black doesn't want to teach. He wants to stick it to the man!!!!111!!one1`!!!un!

So, he teaches his class the only way to do that... by rocking out! They assemble a band and plan to enter the battle of the bands.

Black is great in this movie. A lot has been made about Jim Carrey's facial expressions and potential for slapstick with him. Black excels in this movie at just that. Black is able to make you laugh just by the expressions he uses when rocking out. And he rocks out a lot. He is also able to quote song lyrics to his fellow teachers when asked about his position on education.

I don't want to recap the entire plot. And really, this movie isn't about the plot, it's about the interaction between Jack and the kids. The kids in this movie are great, which is a surprise, as kids are almost a guarantee that a movie will suck. And they're even trying to be cute in this movie! They're just caricatures of adults... there's the bitchy female manager, the gay fashion consultant, the nerdly Asian...... But, it's hilarious, because they're little kids!

And since this is a kids movie there are some lessons about life in here, but they don't beat you over the head with it.

Also, lots of people seem to love Joan Cusack. I find that she goes a little overboard most of the time, but she's decent in this movie. If you like Joan Cusack you'll like this even better.


The whole movie is for the children! There was a warning about drug use, but I didn't see it.
There is also a joke about child molestation. That reminds me of this:

"My dad just got a new car. It's really cool. When you say rock, the radio turns to a rock station. If you say rap, you get a rap station. So we were driving past the high school, and a kid ran across the road right in front of our car. My dad said 'fucking kids!'. And the car started playing Michael Jackson".

Till the next time,
I remain,
passionately yours...