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political confusion

Posted by katie on 2004-02-23 14:10:02
14 forum posts
I'm not sure if this race for the democratic presidential bid is of interest to anyone out there, but I find one aspect of it worth discussing; it would be nice to get other people's views on it. Especially considering the majority of my political knowledge comes from my oh so sage and wise boyfriend.

So it's this Ralph Nader thing. You know, the democrats blame him for losing the last election, and Bush becoming president. And now, he's announced that he will be running again as an independent. So again, the democrats are whining that he's ruining their chances of winning the election.

I questioned said boyfriend about this whole debacle, and his reply was that the democrats believe that, by Nader running as an independent, no one who would ever vote for Nader would EVER vote republican if he wasn't running. But, the people who will vote for him, are the ones who would vote democrat otherwise.

Now, my initial reaction to this was outrage....he knows he can't possibly win, so why try to skew the results. But today I have been thinking more about this, and here's where my questions come in.

First of all, shouldn't anyone (qualified) who thinks they would do the best job at being president be able to have the chance to try to get that job? And if Ralph Nader thinks he can do a better job than other candidates, shouldn't he have the chance?

Also, how can the Democrats really be saying that he is taking votes away from them?? It's quite possible that, with an independent running, offering different views, it is a more accurate picture of how the voters actually feel. Maybe it's a sign that the states is behind the times, and that politicians need to give more than two options to the country (ie. democrat or republican).

And lastly, it bothers me how, as soon as anyone runs as an independent, it is almost as if they lose all credibility. What if Nader was running as democratic leader? Would people still feel the same way about him?

I don't know. That's my problem. I am horribly unversed in politics. So now's your chance. Educate me! Let me know what the options are out there. Or, just debate any quasi points that I made.

  14 forum posts