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Top 10 cheap eats in Toronto

Posted by miguel on 2004-02-23 19:58:21
44 forum posts
Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm kind of gay in the sense that I love clothes and I love eating out (unless my girlfriend is cooking, dear God can she ever cook).

So for all you Torontonistanis out there, here are ten tasty, cheap places to get a bite to eat. In no particular order this time. Im not gonna bother putting the addresses up, you should find them all on

10. Terroni's (pizza)
Amato's is more popular, and there are more of them out there. But Terroni's is the best I've ever tasted and a friend of Jessie's and Trevor's used to work there. Awesome pizza slices and other Italian treats you can take out or eat in.

9. Salad King (Thai)
This is a Ryerson student hangout, and untill very recently you only wanted to get take-out from this place as it was a goddamn hole in the wall. But now they are renovated, and the place looks like it stepped out of the pages of Wallpaper magazine. Their Thai is one of the best in the city and hardly anything is over 8 dollars, and they have specials with pop for like $6.75. WATCH OUT FOR THE HEAT, they have a chili scale of 1 to 20, but most people shouldn't ask for anymore than 2.

8.Konnichiwa (Japanese)
A tasty Japanese place that you don't go to for sushi. Instead, try their Tampopo ramen, which is awesome comfort food. A big broth full of noodles, vegetables and pork slices which is sure to drive those winter blues away!!1<--comedy. For dessert, the red bean cakes are crunk.

7.Vietnamese Pastry Shop
FACT:$1.75 for a big pastry bun filled with tofu, BBQ pork, Curried beef or chicken. FACT:they are damn tasty and filling, one can easily tide you over for a few hours. FACT: thats incredible.

6. Albert's Real Jamaican
Moist, spicy jerk chicken or pork, awesomely tasty Oxtail Stew, wash it down with ginger beer or sugar cane juice in the summer. Thank me later.

5. Pho Hung (Vietnamese)
Pho is a vietnamese rice noodle soup, with an incredible aromatic broth and either just shaved beef or beef with tripe and tendon on top. A big ass bowl will run you about 5 bucks, and you will be full. Pho Hung is probably the most popular place in Toronto for pho. Don't forget to ask for some Viet coffee with condensed milk as well or a mango smoothie.

4. Sushi Sky (Duh)
Thanks for Trevor and Jessie for this one, this one is pretty simple. Delicious, fresh sushi at very decent prices. For smoked eel fans (Unagi) their Dragon Roll is a godsend.

3. Ghandi (Indian)
This place specializes in East Indian Rotis. Think of a tortilla wrapped in a bundle stuffed with Indian food. Their Butter Chicken and cauliflower & potato rotis make me twitch with pleasure. If you ask for hot, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

2.Costa Verde Churrasco (Portuguese Chicken)
This one is near and dear to my heart. Portuguese coal grilled chicken slathered with homemade hotsauce and accompanied by baby potatoes. No one who has ever tried this has not fallen in love. 12 bucks will get you a whole chicken and potatoes. Fuck you Swiss Chalet.

1. New York Subway (???)
Only in Toronto: this place is called new york subway, and it specializes in burritos stuffed with indian/thai food and its owned by a tibetan couple. Go figure. But these wraps are not like anything you have ever eaten: try either the Lamb Satay or the Jumbo Shrimp Satay, ask for it a little bit spicy and wash it down with some guava juice. Trust me....just trust me.

Maybe one day I will post a top 10 of restaurants to splurge on. I haven't really tried enough yet. Please post some of your favorites and other ideas. That's what this is all about!
  44 forum posts