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NOT Executive Order 9066

Posted by alltogethernow on 2004-02-24 00:14:15
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I have a confession to make, a deep dark secret that I must get out in the open. I have been living a lie for the past 24 years of my life. Now coming up on my celebration of surviving 25 years of organic life I have to shed these chains of oppression. Some of you may already know what I am getting at here. Some of you have made assumptions about me in the past. Perhaps based on the way I dress, my mannerisms, even my slight lisp?
BUT I have come to terms with myself…
And I wanna shout it from the rooftops…



Now that it’s out in the open, over the next few days I will be releasing what will henceforth be known as:

Alltogethernow’s Asian Round Up
(Not to be confused with Executive Order 9066 )

I’ll be bringing you some quick reviews on some of my favourite movies from Japan, China and the oft forgotten South Korea. I have a lot of movies to get through so you’ll be seeing these in machine-gun bursts of 2 or 3 at a time, so brace yourself. Without any more fucking around lets get started!!!1111!!11!11!  Will this ever stop being funny?

Infernal Affairs – China

A great movie I stumbled upon while searching through a pile of movies forced upon me by my little Thai buddy Chaumpon. Chaumpon is a director by trade and movie freak by nature, so I figured anything he liked I should give a chance. Many of you saw this with me, some of you without, but for those of you without a clue the plot goes something like this:

A young police cadet, the best and brightest, is sent deep undercover into one of the most powerful gangs in Hong Kong. At the same time a young gang member, the best and brightest, is sent deep undercover to become a police cadet. The young police officer/gang member keeps an eye on the gang and while working his way up the ranks. The young gang member/police officer keeps an eye on the police while working his way up the ranks.

Can you sense the impending madness? I could feel it tingling up my spine in the first moments of this movie, ready to burst from my Medulla Oblongata at any given moment. Hands down the best Cop drama I have ever seen this side of Copland. The conclusion left me wet, panting, and ready for more, which is convenient since there was an Infernal Affairs 2 recently released…

For the Children –
During our viewing of this movie some experienced problems identifying all the characters. So, if you have any difficulties telling Asian people apart, and I know you do, watch carefully during the first half of the movie. Look for obvious scars/moles/hair-styles as these are always good identifiers, or go to your local Chinatown/Korea town/English Language School/or failing that, Chinese restaurant, and get to know some people, as many as possible. You’ll learn quickly to tell the sometime subtle differences, I guarantee it.

A Tale of Two Sisters – South Korea

I had heard about this movie for some time. Being a big fan of horror movies I am always looking for something new to scare the crap out of me. When I asked some of my students what the best Korean horror movie was, most agreed I couldn’t go wrong with A Tale of Two Sisters. So for a few months now I have been trying to obtain this one by any means necessary. Finally, thanks to my friend Soo Hyun Park I finally got to see this last night. Scary? … Yes… A great movie?... Definitely

As with most great horrors it takes some time to set up the story, but once the madness starts … it doesn’t stop. It may take you awhile to wrap your head around the convoluted plot, as it the answers really aren’t spelled out for you like most North-American cinema.
But with some consideration after the fact, your brain should be able to figure out exactly what the hell was going on.

For the Children –
What’s in the bag?

Hero – Chinese

Sweet merciful Christ…
If you have the ability to watch this movie, you are a fool if you don’t. I’m not even going to explain the plot, there is no point. I can’t imagine anyone disliking this movie. If you have it in your possession don’t let anything stop you, for example:

Laundry vs. Hero – Hero hands down, even if you have no
clean socks…

Work vs. Hero – Hero. Making money isn’t necessary everyday. Just call in sick, *cough*cough*, or the old “I’ve been up all night puking, must have been some bad sushi.”

Night at the Club vs. Hero – Hero. There isn’t any loud music to gyrate too, (if you’re into that sort of thing), but no ‘one night stand’ you picked up at a place too loud to talk is worth missing this.

Threesome with (sex of your choice) Models vs. Hero – Threesome…. Maybe. A Ménage ET Trios would be great, BUT recent research may suggest otherwise:

This movie has everything you want and more:

Sweet slow motion fight scenes – check
Great story – check
Stunning cinematography – check
Jet Li – check

Not quite as epic as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, think of it as CTHD Lite.

For the Children –
Calligraphy is at the heart of every great swordsman… Who knew?

Well that’s all for today. Enjoy, and remember there is more to come. Some of these movies may be near impossible to rent if you aren’t in a major city centre. BUT if you happen to visit a major city centre, most of these can be purchased for cheap in Chinatown. Until next time…

  2 forum posts