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Posted by numinous on 2004-02-28 09:12:28
2 forum posts
ok I just had to take a time out from work to give this warning to all of you that should still be in bed.... Once you get out, if you dont have to leave the house, for the love of god dont!. The warm sunshine has driven the stupid people of the world out of their houses and in to the streets!!! Stay in your houses. I just help a guy (keep in mind this man looked like any normal 60ish year old man) had picked up a sink stopper the other day and it was to small, I asked him what size he need... he looked at me with confussion as to why I wouldnt know what size of drain he had in his bathroom... I didnt lie and told him that I had never been to his house and had no idea what size his drain was... I then showed him the stopper that covers the most common ranges of drains.... He looked at me with panic all over this face and his words not mine "How am I suppost to know??... this the hardest god damn thing I have ever had to do in my life." Now as I stated I noticed the panic on his face but went for the joke anyway.... "Sir then you have had a pretty easy life, if this is he hards thing you have ever had to do... go home and measure the drain." I left him at the cash red faced as I walked off shaking my head.... its only 9:30 the dipshits are up early today...... the rest of you stay in bed.
  2 forum posts