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*ahem* vivian *ahem*

Posted by alltogethernow on 2004-03-02 11:16:52
6 forum posts
ok there is some back story to this set of Links...
some time ago our very own vivian hui was asked to model for some dude, he wanted to 'take her picture'...

as always this seemed highly suspect, but with a friend in tow vivian did it anyway, refused to show 'more breasts', but wore some sexy outfits nonetheless..

she was paid, and thought nothing more of it (well she didn't mention it for some time)

this guy (the one vivian posed for) does art for the covers of various sub-par novels... his work is almost laughable it is soooo corny, and exactly what you expect to see on the cover of a horrible spy novel... harlequin romances... and childrens junk....

so here's the point:

vivian is now on the cover of NOT one BUT two published novels!!!
i find this astoundingly HI-larious

so please go check these out.... christ BUY them.. to own a little piece of Wolfshack, and vivian history....

you can see the two books here.. and better pictures on alberts website...
KICKASS VIVIAN... this has made my week....
  6 forum posts