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Other drivers in Toronto suck

Posted by Beth on 2004-03-12 08:25:09
17 forum posts
I will admit that sometimes I am not the best driver, but put me up against any other horrible city driver and I would win. I have heard stories about things people see others doing while operating a motor vehicle… and I can’t imagine what kind of super powers these people have that allow them to perform these tasks while driving.

The lady that paints her nails while driving to work, the man that shaves in his rearview mirror. Some people can eat a full course meal while driving along the highway…. And all of these people are cruising along paying way more attention to what’s going on inside the car than to what’s going on around the car. You hear stories on the news about the man that was caught with his pants around his ankles while going up the 400 on Friday for a weekend getaway and wonder how if his girlfriend/wife/mistress is going down on him, he can have any idea about the cars moving at an excess of 100km/hr around him.
And so leads to the straw that broke the camel’s back. At least in my case.

Last night while driving along Lakeshore Ave, right by the CNE (for those of you not familiar with Toronto…. A very busy 6 lane road with a lot of fast moving traffic) around 6pm… so things were very very busy, my passenger noticed the man in the car next to us was flipping thru a magazine while driving…. And not just any magazine…. A NUDY MAGAZINE. There was a man driving next to me reading porn. At first it made me laugh. Then it made me angry. It was very obvious which he was paying more attention to. I wanted to relax and read a magazine too. Well actually, I just wanted to get to the mall, but that’s not important. But I was concentrating on moving thru the rush hour traffic and paying a lot attention to what was going on around me…. It was raining and visibility sucked. And maybe I was having to pay extra attention cause everyone around me was involved in other tasks. I mean why concentrate on driving when your driving. Hell, why don’t you have a party in your car… invite all your friends. Why worry about the other cars on the road???

Toronto has a traffic problem. A huge one. The congestion moving in to and out of this city is horrible. Something has to be done about it. I think that if everyone would put down their other activities and concentrated on the road.. maybe we could move a bit faster.

And then maybe it would not take me almost 2 hours to get to the mall I want to shop at.
  17 forum posts