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Posted by mduffy on 2004-03-16 22:53:52
53 forum posts
Today I had the pleasure of meeting Marc Emery. For those of you who do not know, Marc Emery is in Canada known as the prince of pot. He has been a well known activist for years. Marc is owner and founder of the largest marijuana seed distribution company in the world. Marc is also founder of the magazine Cannabis Culture. Now as you all know I smoke a serious amount of ganja so I jumped at the opportunity to attend this little presentation by Marc. Similar to the movie Grass, narrated by Woody Harrleson, Marc talked about the history of marijuana. However Marc spoke of the history in Canada rather than the USA. It all boiled down to marijuana being illegal in Canada because of Black men’s penises according to Marc. If you would like me to further elaborate on how the laws came into effect, I would be more than happy to share the insight behind the story with full references made available. Anyways, I guess what I am trying to get at with this little rambling is to start a little discussion on everyone’s opinion behind everyone’s opinion on the current state in Canada and the laws behind marijuana. Currently the laws are back the way they were and marijuana is illegal, if you average it out a person gets charged with pot in Canada every 6 minutes. Now im not going to get into to much detail because I do not know if anyone is going to read this or reply to it, so ill kind of leave it at that. However if anyone is reading this some crazy bitch lady from Guelph riding Liberal party just put forth (passed? tried to pass?) a bill that states anyone growing over 25 marijuana plants will do minimum, MIN 2 years jail... yes like I just said BITCH.

ANYWHO that’s the end of my rambling, if anyone wants to discuss more, reply with opinion.

P.S. there are NO negative side effects of marijuana. Proven fact.
  53 forum posts