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The Hunted

Posted by miguel on 2004-03-25 09:36:31
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I first saw the Hunted with phduffy in a much needed respite from our hijinks in Lisbon. At first all we did was laugh at the awesomelly cheesy taglines for the movie and the trailers: "What happens when the hunter....BECOMES THE HUNTED??"

Or the Vin Diesel cop movie a man apart "Nothing left to live for......EVERYTHING TO FIGHT FOR!"

We even started combining them for maximum comedy "What happens when the hunter who has nothing left to live for....becomes the HUNTED with EVERYTHING TO FIGHT FOR????" Holy shit, thats like the Uber-Tagline!!

But besides the amusing taglines, this is an intense, relentless action movie with an old-school feel to it. Its basically all about the pursuit of one man (Tommy-Lee Jones) who is trying to find his former pupil (Benicio Del Toro), a special forces soldier gone AWOL FUBAR WTF ROTFL. The movie opens with an action sequence which shows commando Del Toro in the Bosnian conflict on an assassination mission. Its an intro that immediately sets the tone for the movie, with liberal amounts of gore and a dark, hell-on-earth vision of the Bosnian war that is light-years removed from what CNN showed.

Long story short, that mission and the many others that followed royally fucked with Del Toro's head. So when he is honorably discharged from the army, he basically becomes a forest ninja and starts killing hunters who stalk their prey with expensive rifles and scopes....Del Toro guts them with his knife and Forest Ninja magic. So Tommy Lee Jones is called in to hunt him down (YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO IT!) and the on! (Actually Tommy catches him really early in the movie, but trust me, more stuff happens after that).

The narrative is a bit loose and the dialogue is nothing to write home about, but the director, who basically came back after some sort of weird exile to do this movie, is the guy who made The French Connection and The Exorcist....and both of those could easily be on any Top 100 movie list.

The action at times is breathtaking, with the city chase sequence especially standing out. The camera takes on Tommy Lee Jones perspective as he frantically looks around this urban jungle and notices all sorts of different hiding places and disguises that Del Toro could be using, its awesome stuff.

At the end of the day, this chilling, discerning mans action flick also offers some food for thought, offering up the question of what happens to the souls and minds of the men that are so efficiently indoctrinated in the ways of war.

So next time you feel like a good, solid action movie drop Terminator 3 and pick this up!


My only qualm with this movie is that Benicio Del Toro is a young, fit, killing machine, and Tommy Lee Jones is able to finish him off in the end. Granted Tommy was busted up good, but it just didn't quite work for me. But then again, how can the student defeat the mastah?


1. Whenever Del Toro or Tommy Lee Jones think there's trouble....its time to drop to the ground immediately! They just fall down and stay normally don't see that, but its kinda cool.

2.The city chase sequence is ridiculously fun, just trust me on this.

3.Towards the finale of the movie, Benicio Del Toro somehow forges a knife for himself in an hour or two. Thats right, using scrap material, Del Toro melts metal and forges a nifty (and sharp) knife complete with handle. I didnt buy it, but it was crunk.

4. Speaking of knifes, the final knife fight is visceral, bloody and very very well done. You can feel every cut and choke hold these two special forces guys use.

5. Did I not mention that Del Toro is a forest ninja?

  4 forum posts