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Top 10 Commodore 64 Games of All Time!

Posted by phduffy on 2004-04-01 11:39:13
2 forum posts
I think this should be pretty self explanatory.

First off, you can go here for the games, if you want to play them again:

10: World Games
The lamest of the games games. Log rolling?

9: Winter Games
Good, but a pain in the ass, because there were two figure skating games, and the biathlon sucked.

8: Summer Games
The first. And good.

7: Archon
It's chess. With fantasy characters attacking each other!

6: California Games
The best of the Games. BMX, Surfing, roller blading! Wait...

5: Space Taxi
Hours of fun. And lots of frustration.

4: Skate or Die!
The original X games

3: Spy Hunter
The game never ended. You were a car and a boat, and you whupped ass.

2: Ghost Busters
One of the few games on the commodore that I actually finished. You bought a car. Then you caught ghosts, fought the marshmellow man, and if you made it though all that, you tried not to cross your streams. "He slimed me!"

1: Bruce Lee
Okay, there was a little black dude with a bat. And a big Green kung fu dude.
And they were the only enemies in the game. And all you could do was punch or drop kick.
Didn't matter, this game ruled it. Lots of cool levels with sweet traps...

Allright, so what did I miss? (Besides Impossible Mission?)
  2 forum posts