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This one goes out to Miguel

Posted by James H> on 2004-04-04 16:07:40
14 forum posts
- A few days ago I found an article on the group Mayhem who may in fact be the ultimate Norwegian black metal band. Judge for yourself........

Instigators of the monumental Norwegian Black Metal scene. MAYHEM have inspired a myriad of imitators and their own personal heritage is woven with tragedy and controversy befitting the undisputed leaders of the genre........In the early 90s Mayhem's vocalist at the time........Dead committed suicide under suspicious circumstances with drummer Hellhammer accusing guitarist Euronymous of provocation at the very least. Apparently Dead was jocular on the day of his suicide, an act he carried out by slashing his wrists and blowing half his head off with a shotgun - ironically with ammunition given to him as a present by Count Grisnackh of BURZUM...........His suicide note simply read: "Excuse all the blood."..........It was Euronymous who found the body and before calling the authorities decided to take some photographs of it as a memento! Hellhammer himself made a necklace from pieces of Dead’s skull as a gory keepsake........ They later used one of the photos as an album cover.
Band bassist Necro Butcher bailed out of MAYHEM and was replaced by Count Grisnackh............ MAYHEM and Grisnackh's other band BURZUM began to vie for the title of Black Metal leaders and a bitter war of words erupted between Euronymous and Grisnackh. This culminated in Euronymous being stabbed to death by Grisnackh in 1994 amidst a wave of publicity on the Norwegian Black Metal scene, which also saw Grisnackh jailed for arson attacks on local churches.....Grisnackh received a jail sentence of 21 years.,;jsessionid=4163B4370AFCFA0FE870EE7FBFD1E24F.rd1?mode=bio

- Mayhem's drummer decided to continue on with the band (reminds me of a Kids in the Hall sketch) and they are still around today. Apparently the group also makes music and puts on concerts when they are not busy killing each other and burning churches......

Mayhem fan hit by sheep-head

Norwegian black metal band Mayhem is known for hurling animal parts into its concert audiences, but things went wrong at a performance last week. A 25-year-old fan in Bergen landed in the hospital after getting hit by a sheep's head.
Per Kristian Hagen is recovering from emergency surgery and taking the incident in good humour......Hagen concedes he must be one of the unluckiest Mayhem fans in the country. He'd heard rumors that the band dismembered dead animals on stage and threw their body parts into the audience. He found out the rumors were true.
The band usually is said to dismember pigs, but last week it opted for a sheep. "I was standing near the mixing board and talking with a friend," Hagen recalls. "Suddenly I was hit in the head and knocked out. I don't remember seeing the sheep's head flying at me. I just remember I woke up on the floor."
He ended up at Haukeland Hospital in Bergen, where doctors diagnosed a fractured skull near the temple. He underwent surgery on Friday.

- It gets even better. That Hagen guy was a pyrotechnician for another Norwegian band and an outspoken safety advocate. After that whole Great White incident he was interviewed a lot and tried to convince people it was still safe to go to concerts - and then he gets brained by a sheep's head. Now that's irony.
  14 forum posts