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Reading an author's older works

Posted by nerhael on 2004-04-05 10:35:59
23 forum posts
I've recently started reading Guy Gavriel Kay's Fionavar Tapestry, having read only his most recent 4-5 books to date. Which I think means I've read all his books save this one and Tigana, but I might be wrong. Regardless, the point is, I've read his more recent works, none of his original stuff. This has proven to be a bit of a challenge.

The problem you see is that Kay's dialogue and character interaction to me feels horrible in this earlier novel. I'd find myself on the subway grimacing and almost putting the book back in my bag to ride in silence after reading a particularly bad string of 'witty quips' made by the characters.

This was a particular disappointment because that's what I most like about his novels, his characters and the way his characters interact with one another. I'd usually felt that he was better at this than most authors I'd read. But damn, Fionavar Tapestry was not like that. Now, this book is actually made up of 3 books, and the first book was bad like that, I've just gotten into the second one, and find it to be much better already, even though I can't be more than 20-30 pages into it. I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come.

I've only had this happen to me once before. I remember when I was younger, and had first started reading Fantasy novels, the first author I read was Terry Brooks. I thought it great. I remember in 2nd, or 3rd year, he released a new book, and I thought I'd read it. Oh horribly bad in every aspect. Made me afraid to reread anything I'd read in high school.

Any of you guys ever had something to this effect happen to you? Either become dissillusioned on a re-read, or read an earlier work be have a 'gah?' type reaction?
  23 forum posts