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I need your help!

Posted by phduffy on 2004-04-10 10:21:04
22 forum posts
Here's the deal. Someone I know from a website is coming to TO with his wife for a week's vacation. He asked if I have any suggestions about what they should do while here. I'm going to think about it, but I know that ther'es some people reading this that have good ideas.

Here's the original email:

My wife and I will be in TO for the week of July 17-24 (ish). For a frame
of reference: We're in our late 20's, no kids.

Thus far, our itinerary includes: Madonna at ACC (on the 19th), Sheryl Crow
at the Blues Festival (I think it's the 22nd), Argos games (maybe) on the
21st, and the Jays versus Tampa Bay on Friday, the 23rd.

Kind of a poor week, baseball-wise, since the Jays are on the road until
that Friday game, but she wanted to go for the Madonna show, so I've tried
to add some of my interests based on the dates.

I will have some questions about hotels, particularly running some past you
for your opinion on their location, etc., if you don't mind. We don't want
to rent a car, or pay $130 per night right downtown, so we'll be
investigating some near-downtown locations with subway access.

Also any stuff you can think of RE: things to do and see would be great.
We're doing a lot of research and have travel guides, etc. We've both been
there before, but never for a vacation, so we'll be doing a lot of
tourist-y stuff. Any thoughts on SkyDome tickets, sections to avoid, deals,
"must-sees", are great, too.

As we develop our plans, would it be okay if I ran them past you?


  22 forum posts