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Blame Canada!

Posted by alltogethernow on 2004-04-15 16:59:25
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Ok this article appeared on the website today and perhaps someone could explain how such tripe could be posted as fact. How can the ‘Drug Czar’ of the United States of America make statements like this with a straight face? Maybe in the late 1930’s something like this might be acceptable, a la ‘Tell Your Children (aka Reefer Madness), but now? Please…

So, here is the article in its entirety, I have added points to what I believe to be terrible exaggerations or outright lies.
Feel free to judge for yourself…

U.S. blames Canada for marijuana emergencies

MIAMI, Florida (Reuters) -- Canadian production of high-potency marijuana is partly to blame for a doubling of pot-related emergency room cases in the United States, the head of U.S. drug policy said Wednesday.

Reiterating U.S. criticism of a more relaxed Canadian attitude to marijuana, White House drug czar John Walters urged Ottawa to recognize the problem of hydroponically grown pot, which is grown in nutrient-rich solutions rather than soil.

* Ok… my first problem is the statement “more relaxed Canadian attitude to marijuana”… more relaxed than what? In the state of New York it is not a criminal offense to possess up to an ounce (28 grams) of pot. In Canada it is still quite illegal. Perhaps in the United States as a whole the pot laws are more restrictive, but why go pointing the finger at Canada?

It is often grown inside under lights, and Walters said it sold for as much as cocaine.

* pppffffffttt...

“sold for as much as cocaine” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you would have to be some sort of stupid to pay that much for weed…
Last time I checked cocaine usually goes for about 80 bucks a gram, comparatively marijuana (yes even the CRACK ‘dro goes for about 10 bucks a gram)..

"Canada is exporting to us the crack of marijuana and it is a dangerous problem," Walters told reporters in Miami, where he kicked off a campaign to cut marijuana use by Hispanic youths.

* Hydro is the CRACK of marijuana? What the hell? Anyone can tell you that Hydro is just a method of growing, it doesn’t make the pot anymore potent than the same shit grown outdoors. Sometimes it is more powerful, sometimes it isn’t. Any other grow method can produce just as potent, just as dangerous weed as Hydro…

"We need to have political leadership in Canada that recognizes the problem," he said. "Addiction is going to spread in Canada dramatically. It has in many places."

* Addiction??? LOL …. Marijuana has been proven time and time again to not be addictive… I have stopped smoking several times with no ill side effects at all. It CAN be psychologically addictive, but so can just about anything…

A longtime critic of Canadian plans to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, Walters said that while the pot the hippie generation knew contained on average 1 percent of psychoactive Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, Canada's high-potency marijuana contained 20 to 30 percent THC.

* I have heard statistics like this time and time again. Today’s pot is much more powerful than that of the past. If this is true, and I am sure it is, then I bet hippies smoked a hell of a lot MORE pot than we do now… that’s all. (maybe Mona can comment on this since she was around for some of this, life experience can benefit us all here at the Shack of Wolves)..

"It is extremely dangerous. It is one of the reasons why we believe ... we have seen a doubling of emergency room cases involving marijuana in the last several years from 60,000 to 120,000," Walters said.

* “extremely dangerous” In what way exactly? It is completely improbable, if not impossible that people are going to the emergency room from marijuana overdoses. One hundred twenty thousand emergency cases per year, where are they getting these numbers? Pete suggested perhaps these are cases where someone was high and did something stupid, which is entirely possible. Drugs and alcohol affect your judgment, no argument here, but 120,000 dumb ideas… that seems pretty damn high to me…
I’d like to see some of the hospital cases they are referring too, just to get an idea of what they classify as “pot-related emergency room cases”

Disagreements over drug policy, combined with differences over the Iraq war, are among several issues that have chilled relations between Canada and its powerful southern neighbor.

* OK no argument on this one…

While maintaining that improving ties with Washington was a priority, new Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin said in December he intended to press ahead with plans to end jail terms for people caught with small amounts of marijuana.

And Ottawa has said that Washington's own data shows that of all the illegal pot seized by U.S. agents only 1.5 percent came from Canada.
The head of the White House Office of National Drug Policy said that Canadian producers had a multibillion dollar marijuana growing business and that 80 to 90 percent of revenues came from the United States.

He said Toronto authorities told him there were up to 15,000 indoor growers in that metropolitan area alone.

The last bit is difficult to refute, and may well be true, but really 80 to 90 percent, of a multibillion dollar business? That would mean that giant truckloads are passing the border all the time. What the hell? The U.S. can catch just about any person wearing a turban and detain them for hours of questioning, but can’t seem to find all this pot??

I understand that CNN can put a pretty U.S. slant on stories related to the various wars they choose to start, but umm… I thought that they were a pretty reputable source besides that. And shouldn’t John Walters be a little bit better informed as to what the hell is going on? To make statements like this can only hurt the War on Drugs. Crying wolf about something like this just makes people ignore the real warnings about drugs like poorly manufactured E or the incredibly dangerous embalming fluid laced pot people like to call WET (which could be more accurately described as the CRACK of marijuana).

Lying or being grossly misinformed about pot creates a credibility gap, just like lying or being misinformed about WMD’s.

To quote the Beastie Boys:

I really had to bitch about this to someone and who better than my trusted friends at thewolfshack to let me know if I have holes in my reasoning… SHOOT!
  5 forum posts