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Top 10 SNES Games of All Time!

Posted by phduffy on 2004-04-21 16:19:14
13 forum posts
Before I start I'd like to mention that this was very very hard to do. Not so much picking the top 10 as ranking them.

10 - NHL 94

Great sports game. There was that move where you could dip into the corner and always score, and one timers were fun too.

9 - Super Metroid

Very similar to the original, but also very kickass. This would be ranked higher if instead of jumping Samus had a bionic hook for an arm.

8 - Mario Kart

So much fun! Especially in two player mode. Could be very frustrating at time: one time I lost and got very upset and broke a glass table top. Whoops!
The N64 version had 4 player mode, which you would would make it better. However, it just wasn't as fun. I've heard good things about the Gamecube version though......

7 - Super Mario Wolrd

I sometimes this game gets the short end of the stick, because it came free with the system. (Remember when systems used to come with games and two controllers?) The first Mario Game that you could save in. And you needed to save. You lost the racoon suits, but I think the flying cape and Yoshi were a good substitute.

6 - Super Street Fighter Alpha 2

I know that Street Fighter 2 started everything, but I liked this game the best of all the SF SNES games, so here it is. Unlike Turbo and Super, in this game there were charged combo moves, which was fun. (TAKE... NO.. PRISONERS!!!).
BONUS: Capcom is going to release Street Fighter 2 Hyper. In it you'll be able to play as every character from every game. ie, Ryu from SF can take on Guile from SF Turbo.

5 - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

I was going to call this the best Zelda game of all time, but Ocarina of time is also excellent.
This was a game you could really get lost in. Switching back and forth from Light to Shadow, finding all the items you needed... ah, so much fun!

4 - Super The Empire Strikes Back

This is my loose cannon entry. All the Star Wars games for the SNES were good, but this was the best. Fighting with Luke on Hoth, then using Han and Chewie to get through the base... this has the best boss of any game I've ever played. You fight Darth Vader in a sword fight. It's that simple folks. You can block and duck, and he uses his force powers to throw junk at you... and you can use your force powers... excellent.
The downside to this game is that the first missions (Luke on Hoth) might be the hardest in the game. But unlike Super Star Wars, it came with a password system.

3 - Yoshi’s Island

This is another game that I think gets underlooked. Basically because it came out when the SNES was almost done. I think the PS1 was probably out by this time. Another great step for Mario. Great gameplay, maybe the best 2D platformer of all time. (Assuming we call Syphony of the Night something else).
You never wanted to lose in this game, because that meant Mario would float off your back and start a very annoying cry.

2 - Chrono Trigger

A tremendous game. At the time this broke new boundaries. You had non-random battles, and a mix of future and past. Plus there were alternate endinds. And best of all, you could get the main bad guy on your team!
There was a sequel that came out for PS, and I rented it, but I was dissapointed. I know that the 3D is the cool thing to do... but wouldn't it have been great if they'd left it in the style of Chrono Trigger?

1 - Final Fantasy 2

I don't think I need to explain this.
KAIN!!! (Or KANE!)
* I know some people like FF3 better. I will address this in a future column.

Honourable Mentions!

Ogre Battle - a good game, but brought down by the lack of in battle save. This had the effect of making it too monotonous. .

Secret of Mana

Donkey Kong Country

Star Fox (Personally, I like the N64 one better)

Castlevania 4

Mario All Stars - great, but all old games. Well okay, there's one new game, but it sucks.
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