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Review of Ladykillers

Posted by phduffy on 2004-04-25 21:31:43
This is probably going to be kind of short, because
a) I'm tired.
b) This movie was so so. Not great, not terrible.

Ladykillers is the newest film from the Coen Brothers. It's also a remake of some movie from the 60's. I believe that movie was called Ladykillers.

The film stars Tom Hanks as some sort of Southern Con man. Despite being set in the present day, the film tries to give off an early 30's vibe. Complete with darkening sky when the visitor Hanks shows up in town.

The plot is simple. Hanks and his band of weirdoes (they're always weird characters, it's a heist movie! Criminals are wacky) rent a room from an old black woman so they can tunnel into a vault and steal some cash.

As mentioned, the tone of the film is reminiscent of 1930's Texas. Sort of like it's out of a Faulkner novel *. While this contributes to the wackiness of the film, as well as providing a backdrop for the religious feelings of the old black woman, it also made things hard to understand at time. There were a few times at the start of the movie where myself and the people I was with were trying to figure out just what the hell Hanks and the woman were saying

The film is really just so so. There's some laughs, but there's also some bits of attempted dark comedy that don't work. It's not that they're offensive, it's just that they're not funny.

Bonus points however, as one of the wacky gang of criminals is the sweet psychiatrist from Law and Order. And he's wacky.

There's a ton of swearing by the black character, and some pretty predictable moments in the film. Which all in all adds up to a 6/10.

One of the wacky characters has a 52 yr old wife that still has pig tails.

Plus, they blow shit up with dynamite. And all kids love that shit.