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Bubba Ho-Tep Review

Posted by palmer on 2004-04-28 06:52:35
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I'm sure most of you know the story...Bruce Campbell (yes, THE Bruce Campbell) plays Elvis in a nursing home...story is that he wanted to take a break from it all so he swapped positions with an Elvis impersonator but then the impersonator bit the big one on the can, therefore the real Elvis couldn't ever come back.

Teamed up with some dude who thinks he's JFK, they battle an Egyptian demon who has taken over the nursing home before they lose their souls to him.

What can I say about this movie? There are classic lines in there that will be said for years to come...was I expecting more plot lines than the one above? I recommend this to my friends? If you're a Bruce Campbell fan OR want to have a good laugh at an insane movie, go for it! I enjoyed the movie although I think it could be classified as a rental...however seeing it in the theatre with legions of Bruce Campbell fans was quite amusing...especially whenever he did some cool...there were cheers all around!

If you don't have an open mind to these things (Elvis and JFK battling demons), then this movie isn't for you.

  1 forum posts