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Review of 13 Going On 30

Posted by phduffy on 2004-05-03 22:43:20
4 forum posts
Tonight I went to see 13 going on 30.

However, before the movie, there were previews.
Most of the previews were crappy.
Until one preview transported us to a different time, and a different age. The time of heroes, and the time of legends.


In the beginning of the preview we see a father imparting the knowledge and trust that his son will need to excel in the one true game:


Fast Forward to the present.
Ben Stiller has grown a handlebar mustache and is in charge of the Globus chain of gyms. Vince Vaughan has shaved his handlebar mustache and is in charge of his own gym, featuring the guy from NewsRadio.

However, not all is quiet on the Gym Front.
Ben Stiller's hot wife comes to tell Vaughan that he's behind on his rent, and that if he can't come up with 50 grand the bank will take his gym....
And who will buy it?

The evil handlebars from Globus gym!

Now, in order to come up with 50 grand, there's only one thing for the team to do.
Enter the Dodgeball tournament and beat Ben Stiller's team (along with the Lumberjack Team and the fat cheerleader team) for the championship!

And who better to coach them... then RIP TORN!
In a wheelchair!
If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball!

Now, I don't know how the movie ends (although I think I could make an educated guess), but I do know that everyone should go see it.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.

Oh yeah, 13 going on 30.

It's Big, only with Jennifer Garner instead of Tom Hanks.


  4 forum posts