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Defining Games of a Genre

Posted by nerhael on 2004-05-12 12:30:01
4 forum posts
AdventureZelda - A link to the past - SNESGet the master sword, rebuild the master sword, get a duck that flies you around the world. Goto the dark world... Come back to the light, use the fire rod on that wall of ice. Like.... I'm not even sure there are many games that came after I'd compare to this one.
FightingTekken - PSXThere was street fighter, mortal combat, killer instinct. Then Tekken came along and told the rest of them to get the fuck out. I absolutely hated this game when it came out. Largely in part because I sucked at it. Now that I understand it, it makes games in which ranged attacks are common look idiotic.
PlatformerSuper Mario Brothers - NESI think this was probably the first platformer I played. It set the bar for everything else. Yes other games are better, but this was the start I think.
PuzzleTetris - GameBoyRussian sounding tunes, and falling blocks. How many lines did you get to? I realize it came out on NES first...but I played it more on GB.
RPGDragon Warrior - NESMy first RPG, and has hooked me on them since grade 6-7. Stupid, simple, but damn, it was addictive.
RacingMario Kart - SNESNothing beats it. The only other racing games I can think of that I wasted that much time on were Super Sprint for NES, and RC Pro-AM for NES.
ShooterCounterstrike - PCI know it's old, but I haven't played many others on PC, and the few newer ones I've tried just didn't have the same feel to them.
Simulation?I don't think I can think of any sim games I've really gotten in to.
Sports?I don't really play many sports games.
StrategyTactics Ogre - PSXJust an amazing game. It took a great deal of effor to work through some levels. Figuring out the best way to proceed. There were a lot of retries. The class system in it had variety, and kept to a reasonable number of different classes.
  4 forum posts