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Review of The Experiment

Posted by phduffy on 2004-05-18 20:43:59
The Experiment (Das Experiment in the original German) is a German movie that's loosely based on a cockeyed experiment that went on in Standford in the 70's.

Basically, what if we took 20 people, made 8 of them guards, 12 of them prisoners, and put them in 'jail' for a week? What would happen?

The real experiment was cancelled about 5 days in, because things were going insane. Perhaps someone can provide us with the link to the recount of the real experiment.

Anyways, in the film our German hero gets hit in a car accident, goes home with the woman that hit him, and they make sweet German loving.
Then the next day he goes to the experiment and is assigned to the prison.
Oh yeah, he's also working as an underground reporter. Or a hidden reporter. Or maybe he's a hidden underground reporter?

At first both the guards and prisoners take the experiment as something of a joke, but quickly the most dominant guard and prisoner start to live as though they're really in prison, and the rest of their community starts to follow.

This is a pretty interesting movie, even though it's German, and Germans have never come up with anything entertaining*. And it does contain an evil German scientist, which is nice.

As unbelievable as the movie may seem at times, when you hear what happened in the original experiment you begin to think that the events are what may have happened had it been allowed to continue.
Wow, that was a poorly constructed sentence. I'm listening to the Who, blame them, not me.

I would give this a 7.5/10.

Hm... this is tough.
Um... the main guy hates his dad?

Also, there is some peeing on people. Which doesn't really have anything to do with children.

* Come on. Relax. I love the Germans.