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Review of the Cooler

Posted by phduffy on 2004-05-24 17:36:06
The Cooler stars William H Macy as a dude that works for a Casino.

What does he do there? He cools people off. Simply put, karma has alligned itself so poorly in Macy that everyone that gets close to him has bad luck.

Macy's boss is Alec Baldwin. He runs the Casino like an old time Casino and is under pressure to change it to conform and compete with the modern casinoes. Alec no like that idea.

Macy's character meets one of the waitresses at the casino (I believe the actress is Maria Bello or something like that), and begins dating her. This leads to some sex scenes in Macy's crappy motel room.
Macy also runs into his son, who is a punk.

Shortly after he begins dating, Macy's luck begins to turn around. Which is good for him, but not so good for the casino. So Baldwin shows us how he can play a world class prick and begins to try to intimidate and screw with the girlfriend.

At times this movie moves fairly slowly, and as a mobster movie it's something that's been seen before. However, everyone in it does a good job, and it's a decent movie.


For the children: While eating at a restaurant, the pregnant Estella Warren pretends to go into labour so that she doesn't have to pay for her meal.
Which is nice.