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Review of Bubba Hotep

Posted by phduffy on 2004-06-01 15:19:55
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Bubba Hotep

You may or may not have heard of Bubba Hotep It briefly played at some smaller theatres earlier this year and didn’t quite make it to the Silver Cities of the world. It’s based on a short story by one of my favourite authors, Joe R Lansdale. You can check out some of his free stories on his website. As an aside, his website sucks, hard. So do the unofficial ones. Oh well, he’s still great. Apparently Lansdale is considered a cult author, although I’m not really sure why. He’s won horror and mystery awards, and had two successful mainstream literary novels. Nonetheless, he does write some weird stories, which probably led to his cult status.
And this is a weird story.

In this story, Bruce Campbell (movie hero of the Evil Dead trilogy, and apparently a friend of the Coen brothers), stars as Elvis. No, not that one, this one
He lives in a retirement home where he doesn’t do much but lie in bed and stare at the infection on his pecker. See, the real Elvis switched places with an Elvis impersanator back in the day. He has only two friends in the home. A man who runs around with a mask and thinks he’s kemosabe. and a black man who calls himself JFK. (See, the CIA couldn’t kill him, so they dyed him! What better way to hide JFK!

While living out their mundane last days on Earth, JFK and Elvis notice that there seem to be a lot of deaths in their retirement home. Why could that be? Could it be… an ancient Egyptian Mummy? Well, they decide to find out.

You might think that a movie starring Bruce Campbell as Elvis would be full of laughs. But it’s not really a comedy. And movies about Mummies killing people might seem like horror movies. But it’s not really a horror movie either. It’s a movie about the redemption of these two crazy old men. They’ve lived a life full of regrets, and now they can’t even get a boner. And yet when presented with something crazy they have no regrets.

I’m glad I bought this movie, and would say it’s worth the rental price if you’re looking for a fun movie that’s a little cockeyed.

For the Children

At one point a young woman in a short skirt bends over in front of the bed bound Elvis and he looks up her skirt at her underwear. Let that be a lesson to all the young women out there: They call them dirty old men because they are dirty old men!
  2 forum posts